Latex-fee connectors
Stoppers and accessories
Medical components since 1997


Extremely advanced production lines: with modern machinery and innovative moulding technologies, ALPG Medical offers high-quality components at a competitive price - this places us amongst the leading companies of the market, in this sector.
Among few manufacturers in the world, ALPG Medical has developed a Latex-free compound with lowest residual release-rate, completely powder-free and absolutely MBT- and Nitrosammine-free.

Excellence of quality, due to conformity of all products to:
European Pharmacopeia (Eur Ph.IV Ed.)
ISO/DIS 8536-4
USP Class VI (plastics & rubbers)
Biocompatibility requirements (UNI EN ISO 10993)
Constant monitoring and full quality checking (as per UNI ISO 2859)

ALPG Medical is qualified supplier of the biggest infusion and transfusion device manufacturers in the world.